Easy EVP

Our 1st EVP app is on the Play Store.

It’s basic but solid EVP tool, still better than most of apps like these on store.

It’s meant to be a solid base for our next tools and kind of a ‘demo’ of more advanced upcoming apps.

Feel free to check out Easy EVP !

More about the app:
If you don’t tune anything and just click start/stop, then it’s basically like a Necrophonic + built-in recorder.
Channel & Noise volume are pretty much self-explanatory.
Scan time sets how long phonemes are and ‘scan delay’ affects how long app will wait before picking new one. We haven’t seen other apps that allow you to customize these 2, however Echovox allows you to configure something like ‘scan delay’ for each channel, but there is no config option for ‘scan time’.

On top of that there many secondary features f.e. related to recorder. Also unlike other EVP apps, our app has proper foreground service with notifications, controls on lock screen and supports media buttons.

More apps with more features coming soon !

BTW if you are interested how it works in a nutshell – ghost box apps make a use of EVP (Electronic voice phenomena) with the help of various audio effects and audio channel scanner (similar to a radio that changes stations quickly by rotating a knob). More info here.